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"Loveys" Donation

As Graham's mom, Butterfly Graham was created with a dream that seems too big to hold in my hands, but a dream that is very dear to my heart. The name was put together with simplicity. Graham showed us he was with us just after saying goodbye, with a few signs from butterflies. Our journey since losing him has been difficult on the darkest days but also awakening on others.

My mission is to provide a plethora of loveys and blankets for the sweet babies present in the NICU. All of those babies did not choose to be in a hospital or be taken care of by someone other than their parents, but they are in the best hands being cared for by some of the most talented individuals.

All items are hand sewn with love and hope that those babies will some day soon go home to be with their families. There is nothing better than cuddling your baby, with the softest blanket to keep them warm and snuggled in tight. We want to provide you with a Graham Blanket or a lovey to give them the assurance they are safe and so loved. 


Hand Sewn Hearts

Another important piece of our collection are hand sewn hearts. These tiny hearts are used for multiple reasons. One is a scent carrier from Mom to baby. This would be worn on Mom's skin to then be placed with the baby while Mom is away. This gives the babies some comfort with a familiar smell. Another reason is to shield their eyes from the bright lights. The tiny heart is placed over their eyes so they can continue to rest while anyone comes in to check on baby. And last, these hearts can be used to help with skin on skin contact to prevent any sores that could come about. 

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