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Our Story

We welcomed our son, Graham, on January 7th, 2021. We were over the moon excited to have our 3rd baby boy. At just 2 days old, our lives forever changed when he stopped breathing in my arms. We were quickly taken to the NICU where we spent long days and even longer nights trying to get a diagnoses for our son. While juggling life at home with our two- and four-year-old, unaware of what Graham was going through, our family was challenged beyond what one could prepare for. 


Graham was the strongest baby boy we had ever met and he showed us just how amazing one tiny human could be. At one month old, we transferred Graham to the American Family Childrens Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin to have him under the care of the specialists we needed. Just 5 days after checking in there, we received his diagnosis: ALG1-Type 1K. No cure. Our baby was going to leave our arms sooner than we ever anticipated. We spent that next month welcoming family into his NICU room to meet him, love him, and fill our family with prayers. We sang to him, read books to him, cuddled him and love him beyond words can describe. Graham passed away on the evening of March 7th, at just 2 months old. 


Our family would not have had the time with our sweet boy if it wasn't for the medical team that helped him along the way. We never knew what a NICU life was prior to having Graham, but we do now. We know it's emotional, it's heartbreaking, it's joyful, it's tiring, but it is the place a tiny human must be if they need that specialty.


Our lives will forever be changed. Graham gave us all a gift that has taught us just how quickly life can turn and how very special every life is. My goal is to create the most special pieces for other babies to give them the strength they need when they're fighting their hardest fight. My heart wants to continue giving hope and love to those that need it. We all have our challenges in life; none are comparable to others until you've lived through it all. 


Our family wants to thank you for being here and supporting us through our new journey. Although we have lost our baby Graham, we have gained the most precious angel who is with us all the time. 


- Tierney

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